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New paper of Dr. Zheng Qian published by Fractals!

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Understanding gas transport behavior though fractured porous media is essential in many fields including fiber science, energy science, soil science, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, etc. In this paper, a fractal model is developed to characterize gas diffusion through fractured porous media, where a bundle of fractal-like tree branching networks is used to represent the fracture system according to fractal scaling laws. The analytical expression for relative gas diffusion coefficient of fractured porous media is derived. The proposed fractal model has been validated by the available experimental data and empirical correlations. From the parametrical study, it can be seen that structural parameters of fractured porous media (for example porosity, the fractal dimension, the diameter ratio, the length ratio and the branching angle) have a significant effect on equivalent gas transport properties. Gas relative diffusion coefficient has a positive correlation with the porosity, the pore size fractal dimension, or the diameter ratio, whereas it has a negative correlation with the length ratio, the branching levels, or the branching angle. The proposed fractal model does not only shed light on gas transport physics of fractured porous media, but also reveals more mechanisms than experimental measurements.


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